Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Memoir From Me

                                            The Basketball court was usual enough
                            There were balls scattered around, The basketball hoop standing,
                        The familiar lines on the ground, Laughter resonating through the wind 
                                                     And the sound of dribbling.

                                                  My friends and I did what kids do.
                                          We ran across the court, We shared our joy,
                                                  Gained new skills every second 
                    And memories were implanted in our heads as we shot countless hoops.
                                                       Doing Nothing Important.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The Park was usual enough.

It had a small river, a huge playground and a normal-sized basketball court

My brother, sister and I did what kids do. Play basketball, shoot hoops,

chased each other for fun and rolled on the sweet fresh grass.

Doing nothing important


The basketball court was usual enough.

It had balls, children, games, big bright smiles and laughter

My friends and I did what kids do

Play basketball, chase each other, pretend we were the coolest basketball players ever

Even get a little out of control 

Doing nothing important

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Zones: Athletics

Yesterday, the 3rd of November 2014 was when the Athletic Zones were held. 25 children from our School were chosen to represent Sacred Heart. It was decided at Hilmorton High who would go to Ashburton for the Canterbury's. It was a hot day, which makes people sweat even harder. Last year, a few people got to go to Ashburton, but this year there was an influx of talented children from Sacred Heart who were nominated to go. They got ranks varying from First place to third place. 

The first event was a Relay, in which one of our groups happily claimed First place and a trip to Ashburton to represent our zone AND Sacred Heart. 

Jasli Benevice won second place at High Jump.
Joshua Dela Cruz won second place at long jump and third place in Discus.
Mart Dosdos won second place at High Jump.
Jayda Siyakurima won first place in Discus and third place in Shot-put.
Charlotte Haughey came first in 60m Sprints and Long Jump. 
Annabel Williams claimed second place in High Jump.
Rommel Manuel claimed second place in Long Jump.
 Phoebe Premacio won second place in Long Jump.
 Madelin Robinson claimed second place in 50m sprints. 

We haven't gotten the results yet and we are not yet sure if there are any more from our school who are participating. 

Everyone who went to the Zones did a good job in representing Sacred Heart. We wish all the people heading for Ashburton good luck. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Christchurch School's Music Festival

On Thursday the 30th of October, Sacred Heart School Choir went to the Christchurch School's Music Festival with many other schools. Before the show, we spent the whole day at the Horncastle Arena to practice all the songs before the show. On the night,after the warm up and the National Anthem, a girl and boy from Heaton Intermediate introduced the show and explained that the first few songs will be accompanied with sign language. The first songs were Somewhere over the rainbow and 75 years young. 75 years young was about the Music Festival starting in 1939 and escalating from there. After the two songs, the Jazz orchestra  played a variety of old fashioned songs.The third song was Kaiser Bill, pensive and slow. The fourth song was In Flanders Fields, commemorating the soldiers that died in   WW1. After that the schools took a break while the junior special choir got up on stage and sang their own melodies with an army bugler. The fifth song was Imagine a World, imagining that the world has no war, hunger and has all peace. The sixth song was a nice ragtime war song with actions, called Strike up the Band! We took another break while the senior special choir sang some specially practiced songs with a pianist and a bugler. Next song was a Maori reggae song E I A E and did actions. The next song after E I A E was WORLD WARS medley which included two extra songs in it which March time and Quick and lively. Then this composer named Amy Lee conducted a piece with the orchestra from other schools called the war of the worlds, based on the book called H.G. Wells.
After the Beatles John Lennon's song imagine, it was half time. Pictures of the schools participating in the festival came up on the big screen, and when Sacred Heart came up, our choir cheered the loudest. The second time our school choir picture came up, we all yelled "SACRED HEART!" the loudest and cheered our hearts out. When half time ended, the bugler went up to the stairs between Q and R and played the Last Post. Our last song was Do you hear the People Sing? from the musical and Oscar winning film,  "Les Miserable". When we sang the chorus, red flags were being waved to the beat. Since one of the flag bearers was away, Mrs. Clark took her place. It wa nice seeing Mrs. Clark on the big screen. After an encore of the last chorus, that was the end of the Christchurch Schools Music Festival 2014.

Wonderful garden air !

 During the school holidays the Clapp family helped us out by creating a colourful edible garden for Sacred Heart School. They brought our garden to life. They planted tomato, lettuce, capsicum, broccoli and spinach. Mr Clapp, Jacob, Kaylem Nathaniel and William all had a Important part  in this event. It took their family 2 days and a lot of hard work to complete this garden. Their tools were 2 big shovels and a little one plus a hose. Not only did they plant but they also made a Wooden box to plant luscious vegetables in. We are very grateful for there hard work planning and time to make this possible.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Showing consideration - Pay it forward

Our latest Prayer Service encouraged the other children at school to Pay it Forward.

I am...

I am Creative and crazy.

I wonder why I can't I have powers too?

I hear animals playing in the wild.

I see the future.

I want to be rich.

I am creative and crazy.

I pretend to travel around the world.

I feel my heart beating when I'm scared.

I touch the fluff off fluffy bunnies.

I worry about the world coming to an end.

I cry at my old memories.

I am creative and crazy.

I understand why we have school.

I say friends are amazing.

I dream about floating in mid air.

I try to add more details in my drawings.

I hope the world becomes a better place.

I am creative and crazy.

Comic fruit

Today we have just created comical fruits and printed them out.

We started by going to safari and we chose the fruit or vegetable we wanted to write about.  So we searched up images of our fruit or vegetables and took a picture then went to the photo library and cropped the picture of our fruit or vegetable to fit into our comic. Once we started we put our picture into the comic and put words onto it to describe our fruit or vegetable like sweet edible plump.... Once we had finished putting our words on we deleted the picture and all that was left was the words in the shape of the fruit or vegetable. When we had finished we decorated the back ground and the teacher photo copied our fruit or vegetable and when it was done we put it into our folder.

Class Poems

This term Room 6 have been studying poems. For a homework challenge we had to write a colour poem on google docs. Here is my poem:

Blue (a colour poem) By Angelina


The fifth colour in the rainbow.

What I love about it is that it has many shades and meanings.

Like how it's the colour of the sky,blue against white.

Or maybe the peaceful indigo, in the dark of the night.

Or maybe I like it because it can be tranquil, yet sometimes quite a fright.

It can be because it's the colour of the peaceful sea,gentle on the outside while stormy inside.

I may love it for it's the colour of love - but then again, all colours are the colours of love.

I certainly love it for its purity, like a dove.

I love blue.

The fifth colour in the rainbow.

And those were the reasons why I love blue.

I Am Poem

I am athletic and a reader

I wonder if humans can fly without anything

I hear a choir singing joyfully

I see a world with many strange people 

I want to fly from the sky and see birds

I am athletic and a reader

I pretend that I am in space

I feel that a meteorite will fall near Christchurch

I touch someone with 5 scratches

I worry that most people will turn evil

I cry when I watch sad movies

I am athletic and a reader

I understand that people have talents

I say that if you try, you succeed

I dream that robots will take over the world

I try to be better at sports

I hope that there are no wars

I am athletic and a reader

Friday, October 17, 2014

Swimming lessons

Today we spent time learning how to stay safe when we are near the water. We had to swim in clothes which is difficult. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More strum, strike and blow

Strum, strike and blow

Today the class have been preparing for a concert tonight with 1000 children from around Christchurch. Ukes, marimbas and recorders were all on show. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our new Ipad

On Friday Kim from South Rotary Club came to our school assembly to make a special presentation.

She gave our classroom an ipad to use. I am going to use it for learning, researching and improving my reading, writing and maths.

I really like using garage band to make music and Cimo spelling helps me with my spelling.

I am going to use Write about it NZ to make my writing easier and am starting to use google docs with Mrs Williams.

I think I am really lucky to be able to use this ipad while I am at school.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Learning From Nutritionist

The nutritionists from the heart foundation visited room 6 yesterday and today. Yesterday they talked to us about which food is healthy and which we should be eating and not be eating. Chloe one of the nutritionists showed us a food pyramid with groups. At the bottom of it said to eat most of, inside the bottom box it read fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, vitamins and minerals. In the middle box it read milk, milk products and meats. Above the middle group was the group for eat less. In the top group there were foods which considered anything like fat, sugar or salt. I was devastated when I heard that the milo cereal was in the eat less section.

Today she talked to us about which liquid had the most sugar. Somehow lemon lime and bitters is the one with the most sugar on. Surprisingly powerade was third to last, we were thinking it would be near the front.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Chess Tournament of Sacred Heart

The chess tournament was held today,19th of August at the school library.The winners were Romel,

Angelo and Mart and then they played against Callum, Kaylem and David. Tuesday and Friday it is the time

for playing chess event. To play the chess you need to concentrate. Mrs Limcangco, Mrs Williams and 

Mr Mc Manus were looking to the players because they were worried if the players make a wrong 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strum Strike and Blow

Strum Strike and Blow performed in the hall. There were only 3 people that were in the strike team. Their names were Tim or Mr.T, Thomas or Thomas the tank engine and Tukumi or Mufasa.

They used some drums and some different percussion instruments. They also use some wooden instruments. But when they played they played it with the thick part of the drum stick. It was a noisy, crazy and a bit funny. It was amazing but the coolest performance was the fire music. They were really careful. But some sounds were heard it was loud and quiet. It was really awesome but they said don't try it at home.It was nearly the end of the show. They ended with their favourite song. It was a great show.

I'm sorry that I couldn't take a picture of the fire part.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Ear-an amazing system by Angelina

The ear,one of the wonderous systems in the body,allows people to hear.

The outer ear is the gateway to the ear canal and middle ear. The hole in the middle of your ear is called the pinna,or auricle. The pinna is shaped like a funnel to collect sound waves and sends them down to the ear canal. As the sound travels down the ear canal,it reaches the eardrum. The eardrum is a circle of tightly stretched skin which makes the sound into vibrations and vibrates the sound into the ossicles. Ossicles are the 3 tiny bones behind the eardrum. The ossicles are called the hammer (malleus), the anvil (incus), and the stirrup (stapes).

The ossicles send the sound vibrations to the cochlea,which is a snail shaped spiral. The cochlea has micro hairs that send the vibrations to other little hairs and out as electrical signals to the auditory nerve, which then sends the signals to the brain so it can be recognised. There are also some canals on the top of the cochlea,which are called semicircular canals,because of their shape. These canals sense when you're about to fall,and send signals to the brain so the brain can tell your other parts to stop. Basically it helps you balance.

I think the ear is the most amazing system in the body. After all,we wouldn't be able to hear without our ears!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another day of work

Today in room 6 the class looked at some more on the Commonwealth Games. We noticed that Australia had taken the lead from England having 73 medals in total. Our country New Zealand is coming in 6th on the medal table. In the men's section we have 5 golds, 5 silvers and 8 bronze medals. In the woman's we have 3 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze medals. In the mixed we have none there is another one but I don't know it and so we have a total of 27.

Also in R.E we have been learning about what a sacrament is and we know that it is a sign from god that people can see because we can't see god so he can send signs  that we can see.

Also in writing we wrote about the country that we researched. Some people got up to their good copy and on one side they did the flag of their country and on the other side they did their review of their country.

That's all for today join Jacob tomorrow for another report.

Roving Reporter: Finn

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Commonwealth Games

Today room 6 were  looking at the Commonwealth games medals.
When Friday 25 July 
We were looking at the Commonwealth games because  it happens every 4years.
The  Commonwealth games come every 4 years because people need to get ready for it. The Commonwealth games are special because only a few countries do the Commonwealth games .
 The Commonwealth games sports are athletics, boxing, cycling, diving, fencing, gymnastics, hockey, judo, lawn bowls, netball and a lot more.
Roving reporter Harikoa

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writing reports

Today Room 6 wrote a draft report about their Commonwealth country.

When: Wednesday 23rd July

Where: Sacred Heart School Addington

   Why:Because we were researching the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

 Who: Room 6 and Mrs Wiliams
       How: By researching the countries of the Commonwealth Games.

       Roving Reporter: Angelina

Term 3 Day 2

Today, Room 6 is engrossed in the Commonwealth Games. We have been searching for individual countries in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Games are Also called the 'Friendly Games', because of the countries' good sportsmanship. The Commonwealth games started at 1930 and it occurs every 4 years. The Commonwealth games were discontinued at 1942 and 1946 because of the World War 2. 

Our Class is making a map on the floor with laminated flash cards. The flash cards show the country and their names. It is also helping us to learn how to use a map. 

"It's amazing how many little countries we didn't know about." -Mrs. Williams

"It is really hard to find the countries, because there are many countries that you don't know of." -Phoebe

"This is fun to do, knowing where some of the countries are." -Levi

How? We laid out a few flash cards with the Commonwealth countries. And the fact that we did this quite co-operatively is a mystery. Normally we would cause a larger ruckus, yet we are working as a team. 

When? The Commonwealth start at the 24th of July 2014. 

I think everyone has taken a big opportunity to learn more about the Commonwealth Countries and The Commonwealth Games. Everyone has participated in our 'map art' and it was quite fun. 

Our class is also writing reports of the Commonwealth Countries. Everyone in our class had their share of fun and knowledge. Even if it was a cloudy, humid day, it didn't stop us from learning about the Commonwealth games.

Where? The Commonwealth games are going to be held in Glassgow. 

Who? Room 6 Of course! 

Why? To learn about the Commonwealth Games and the countries participating. 

What? The Commonwealth Games is our main topic of the day.

Thank you for taking your time, browsing the photos and reading this report.

Roving Reporter of the Day,



Monday, July 21, 2014

First Day of Term 3

On the First day of Term we have been doing a lot of things which made us very busy. When Mrs. Williams told us that we would do fun things, we were very determined to finish our work. Finally, after finishing on what we're were doing. It was time to do our moment in time writing, hearing this made us feel like not doing it (mostly me).

As we finished writing our stories Mr. Williams called out every one of the class to share their story with us, we'll of course some people didn't want to do it. At first, they seemed kind of nervous and some would say "OH!! WHAT", then people would laugh at their impressions. As they read their story, word by word, they grew somewhat confident. As they shared, they would sometimes act like they are remembering the event that happened in their lives. Their stories were Amazing!!!.The class enjoyed listening and sometimes laugh whenever it was funny or scrunch up their faces , if they hear something  disgusting!! The audience were very respectful and interested. They clapped loud and had smiles on their faces.

-The whole Class! -Nicole, Jessa Del, Phoebe, Raziel, Byron, Levi, Cydrick, Robert, Jayda, Harikoa, Athashia, Angelo, Finn, Emily, Samuel, Mia, Aimee, Callum,  Bridget, Jacob ,Tyler, Angelina, Franco , Eugene, Callum, Sharai, and Mrs. Williams.

We were sharing our moment time writing, we went to the library to pick books, we made a cover for our new topic- Sound-. 
The Basketball 7/8 Girl have a game today on 5:30pm
S.H Celtics (Us) vs. Preb Pumas

Monday, 21 July 2014
First day of Term 3

Sacred Heart School, Addington, Christchurch, New Zealand
-The library

To share on what we were doing on the holidays, and get new books to read in the classroom.

We wrote our story with lots of details and description.
Choosing either 2 or 1 books to keep in the desk.

This is the Roving Reporter from Room 6 - Nicole Uy

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Naynay's adventures

Hello Mrs Williams
The last update I posted I was in Holland and I'm sorry for not updating you for the last three weeks.
In Holland I have been staying with a family ( they were Dutch ) with another girl from New Zealand but she is originally from Uzbekistan / Russia
 her name is Valintina  and the family who I'm staying with have an older daughter who is 14 and they have an older son who is 13.
I am good friends with them.
When I first went to their house they taught  me how to bike ( the bikes with no gear and the fancy handles and seats)
Then we went to Amstelveen city and looked around the city.
The people who I stay with have their own little boat and they took me on it and I got to drive it for a little bit. On the boat I
went around a big lake and got an ice cream, it was really fun.
The families grandma lives on a house boat ( a house on / in the water ), when you go to the bottom floor the water is up to the window, you can also feel the house swaying. Holland was so beautiful.
I know some words in Dutch as well
Nee pronounced nay: means no
Ya: means yes
hood a morha: means good morning
hood: means good
 When Valintina and I go to training we would go by bike everyday. I trained with the tennis New Zealand team with Valintina and a coach who's Dutch and also another coach from New Zealand. We also had a fitness coach. Every day Valintina and I would have breakfast with the family and lunch and dinner at the place where we train. We would train  4-5 hours of training and then a hour of fitness with the fitness coach.
After two weeks of training Valintina and I moved in with the tennis New Zealand team in a house and beside the house is a tennis venue where a tournament was held. In the house was Three boys and Three girls counting Valintina and I. Another two coaches came and stayed with us as well . I only stayed there for a week and then went to Germany with my family because the other tennis New Zealand people are older and they compete in stronger age groups. 
So I went to Germany with my family to play a 12s tournament in Germany. We drove to Germany and stayed in a very nice hotel that had a under ground swimming pool and sauna.
The facilities where I play are very nice.
Now I'm in Slovakia at my Grandmas house and today I went to a out door swimming pools and played there for a while.
I had three weeks of hard training and I didn't have the time to update you.
( I have been training in Holland )​
( I have been training in Germany )

Friday, July 4, 2014


Last night Room 6 certainly were stars. The children have spent the last 8 weeks (16 hours) learning contemporary dance from Fleur.

Last night they performed their dance in front of a packed Aurora Centre and were fantastic.

I was very proud of the children and have heard lots of positive comments since about the show.

Well done to all the class, you were fantastic.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Duffy Speaker - Dr Ben Carson

Yesterday the Senior Classes went to the CBS arena to hear Dr Ben Carson speak. Duffy books in homes organised the events. We were first entertained by Moorhouse. They sang 4 songs including their new song to be released on Friday.

Dr Carson was a very motivational speaker who talked about his life, from growing up in extreme poverty to becoming an amazing neurosurgeon. He talked about saving a baby by operating on her while she was in her mothers womb.

Points we remember from the speech were:

  • Your life isn't influenced by others but by yourself.
  • If you're stuck on something in math go back to the last thing you knew and work from there. (Any subject this could  be)
  • Everyone has a good brain, you just have to choose to do great things with it.
  • Don't waste your time at school being cool.
  • Keep on learning as it is impossible to fill up your brain!
  • Don't listen to peers influence - People who Encourage Errors and React to Stupidity.
  • The cool dudes will always be flipping burgers!
  • People will want to be your friend when you are popular and famous!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Bookopoly Trailer

Angelina has enjoyed reading Lemony Snicket, a Series of Unfortunate Events. She has made a trailer with pictures from the internet related to the story. 
"I would recommend this book to other readers who like mysterious books."

Friday, June 13, 2014

Room 6 Prayer Service

Fabulous Work you guys! We were awesome Samaritans! RAISE YOUR VOICE FOR JUSTICE!! (We were moving so the photos aren't that good.)