Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cycle safe training

When the Christchurch city council came, we started to get pumped up for biking. We went to the courts for practice. We started doing left turns where you have to do a kerb ride out first then you start to bike. To do a kerb ride out, you need to raise your right hand then look over your right shoulder.  

If you want to turn left, look over your right shoulder then raise your left hand (left signal) If you want to turn right, look over your right shoulder then raise your right hand (right signal). If you are in the road, you have to turn right to go in the middle of the road. 
But, you have to look over your right shoulder before doing so. This is called a life saver look. When you are in the middle, you turn right. If you are nearing a stop, you have to look over your right shoulder and after that, you raise your right hand and bend your elbow. This one is called a stop sign. My favourite activity is when we turned right. First you bike then do a right signal then do a life saver look. Then we turn then do the stop sign.


My favourite is the left turn when you wait for 3 seconds and then turn on a different road .                               


My teacher for cycle safety is named Yasmin. Yasmin was a nice, funny woman who has a ( no offense ) funny accent. She taught our group the kerb ride out, the right and left turn, and the life saver look. I didn't pass the cycle safety test for I kept on crashing on the left turn. It was also my first time biking.


My teacher was named uh I dunno.... But He was funny even if I didn't pass the test. He taught us the kerb ride out, the right turn and left turn, and the life saver look.


The Little Match Girl's Christmas

It was One Sunny day but as the afternoon came it became Cloudy. As I stepped inside the Hall, I felt my heartbeat going speedy. I ignored the feeling and searched for my place. I looked at everybody, It seems like I'm not the only one getting nervous. I looked at Raziel she looked fabulous she wore green dress that reaches up to her knee, she had a white necklace was sparkling nicely and her hair was tied up in a big bun, who knew it could go up this big. Ok, onto the story. My eyes searched through the crowd the place was packed up when I looked at Adrienne she was ready too then she clapped her hands five times that meant 'SHUT UP' for us. Then Kaitlyn came up and spoke," Hello and Welcome to Sacred hearts show called 'The Match Girl's Christmas and that's when my heartbeat went a little bit more faster.

The music played. I saw my family smiling at me. I sang, my voice was a little bit pitchy, I lowered my voice little, that way I wouldn't be embarrassed. My Mum tried to make me laugh, As soon as the music stop I sat down fast  and heard the bell ring I look toward it, I saw Roche holding a bell coming to the crowd. Daniel and Lance was there too.They started talking about the play. Then room 1, 2 & 5 sang a song I saw my sister sing the song. I saw the Match Girl came up and sang with the kids. After that Violet who was dressed as the Angel sang, her voice was so nice that it was like an Angels voice.  Then the match girl  sat down. She has matches in her hand. After that Mary and Joseph did their part at the last part we sang a Christmas Song. 

Christmas is coming!!!

Christmas is coming 
The goose is getting fat 
Please put a penny in the 
Old mans hat if you haven't 
Got a ha'penny then God Bless You     



The trip to WillowBank

On Monday the whole school  went to WillowBank we had to wait for  30 minutes for the bus to arrive at 10 am in the morning the four additional buses. Everyone went on board and travelled to WillowBank, it was quite a long a trip everyone got tired but eventually we arrived at WillowBank. We went to the entrance and saw the manager explaining the rules so the animals won't get hurt or get scared because it is important that the animals don't die, when she finished explaining she told us to go to the picnic area to eat our morning tea. After we ate our morning tea the instructors gave the teachers the maps so we know we were going to the map the map had a guide line. When everyone set off we went back near the entrance there was a huge eel it's was like longer than Byron and Raziel. When we finished looking at the eels and fish we went past Maori houses it made me think about the Philippines because back in the old days we used to have wooden house and flax houses. After we saw all the fish, birds and eels we followed Mrs Williams to the kiwi dark house we were all very quiet so we wouldn't scare the kiwi's away the kiwi house had a tunnel so we had to follow the tunnel when we went inside the kiwi house it was really boring because it was all silent even the kiwi's couldn't make a sound when JM found the kiwi everybody huddled at JM I was shocked it was my first time seeing a kiwi I was full of excitement I wasn't bored anymore so I tried to find one and in the dark bushes I saw something moving in the bushes it was very obvious because all I know about kiwi's is they hide in very dark places. When some of my classmates went outside I followed them and waited outside the exit area of the kiwi house near the kiwi exit area there was two other habitats it was weird because I saw a kiwi wondering around its habitat I thought it was a kiwi but it's name was Wika it's very similar to the kiwi. When the detectives JM, Annabel, Francis and Mrs Williams finished looking at the kiwi house we moved along into a new habitat when we arrived at the swan and ducks habitat three ducks were fighting Ezra,  JM,  Jes Pol,  Francis and I had a bet on which duck would win the fight, it was halirious because the duck I bet on, won because it ripped the other ducks wings. When we finished eating our lunch we first went to the huge eels and

saw a lady see was very brave she was feeding the eels with a spoon it looked very dangerous to me because the eels tried to bite the old lady's hand but she was being brave when she left everyone went into the plank and touched the eels it was very huge the biggest one was 5 1/2 long it was very fun I had lots of fun after we finished seeing the eels we went back to the picnic area to pack our stuff we started walking outside to the bus to go back to school.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A legend of jumping

As Mr. McManus was driving Roche and I to Ashburton. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I know Mr McManus would just make fun of me when I woke up. It took as 1 hour to get to Ashburton. When
we got there Mr. McManus parked the car, we took all our stuff, then we walked to our area. We were 30 minutes early before the Canterbury central started. I felt very very nervous for my first event which started at 9:00. I kept thinking about what I needed to do when I jumped, speed and long, speed and long I kept repeating it over and over again inside my head.

When it was marshalling time, the instructor marshalled 11 year old boys long jump. It was my time, the lady in the long jump pit came to us and said we can have a few practise jumps so I did. Then the lady called out all our names in order. It was my turn for my first jump, when I was running I kept thinking about speed speed long long. LAND!!!!!!! My first jump was 4.03. I was so shocked that  I jumped so short. My second jump, speed speed and once again, LAND!!!!!!! My second jump was 4.33 I said to my self " a lot  better". My third jump, I said to my self "I've got to make this one very long" speed speed speed. PERFECT LANDING!!!!! 4. 53 woohoo. When we gathered around I looked down to find my name, I CAME 5th YEAH!!!!!

I had a lot of fun at Canterbury centrals in Ashburton. First and best experience in centrals. Tiring but fun.

Canterbury champs

Getting nervous and nervous waiting for time to past I was continually checking the time over and over again as time went past I started heading towards the discus area all the girls started arriving at the area. As the lady put us in numbers up to about 35  she gave me number 20 . Every one was almost there but some were still at other events.So we decided to start as the girls began to throw I started to get a rough idea of how they were throwing it was nearly my turn many people got no throw the girl before me was getting ready to throw. My turn was up my hands started to get sweaty I grabbed a discus, I stepped in the circle, then I put my foot in the position I aimed I started to swing then I threw the discus but it wasn't very good  but I still had another throw as I walked out of the back of the circle I saw Mr McManus was watching me I got nervous again. I had to wait to throw as we were waiting the disable people came to throw and surprisingly they did pretty good.there were two girls that threw outstanding throws but I still had a chance to come in a place I was getting ready throw again as I got the discus and I was thinking this is all or nothing  I aimed and only swung two times and the discus landed very close two the girl who was coming first we were close to finishing  I was. Hoping that the other girls did bad. As the people were measuring  they wrote them down they couldn't announce  who came 1st,2nd and 3rd  because there as a girl who was still not at the event but I was coming in 2nd place the girl didn't show so I came in 2nd place throwing 21.36 metres and I was announced the first person to get a certificate for athletics at school.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Taste Of NZ

This week room 4 and 6 had a NZ food tasting experience.
We tried a variety of foods associated with New Zealand.
Some of the foods some people had never tried before.
For example Jes Pol had never tried pavlova and Eskimos.
Some of our favourites were pavlova and marmite.
For some people the experience was bad but for most it was good.
The NZ food tasting experience was a great opportunity to experience the foods of New Zealand.