Friday, December 6, 2013

A legend of jumping

As Mr. McManus was driving Roche and I to Ashburton. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I know Mr McManus would just make fun of me when I woke up. It took as 1 hour to get to Ashburton. When
we got there Mr. McManus parked the car, we took all our stuff, then we walked to our area. We were 30 minutes early before the Canterbury central started. I felt very very nervous for my first event which started at 9:00. I kept thinking about what I needed to do when I jumped, speed and long, speed and long I kept repeating it over and over again inside my head.

When it was marshalling time, the instructor marshalled 11 year old boys long jump. It was my time, the lady in the long jump pit came to us and said we can have a few practise jumps so I did. Then the lady called out all our names in order. It was my turn for my first jump, when I was running I kept thinking about speed speed long long. LAND!!!!!!! My first jump was 4.03. I was so shocked that  I jumped so short. My second jump, speed speed and once again, LAND!!!!!!! My second jump was 4.33 I said to my self " a lot  better". My third jump, I said to my self "I've got to make this one very long" speed speed speed. PERFECT LANDING!!!!! 4. 53 woohoo. When we gathered around I looked down to find my name, I CAME 5th YEAH!!!!!

I had a lot of fun at Canterbury centrals in Ashburton. First and best experience in centrals. Tiring but fun.

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