Friday, November 29, 2013

Cycle Safe training

Our first day of Cycle safety. It was amazeing experience for everyone who did cycle safety. Before we started Cycle safety Kieth Mike Kris Yasmine checked our helmets. After that we went into the courts to do some activities.After that we did a Cycle safety game when one of the instructor stood in front of the bikers and they had to ride around and the bikers weren't allowed to pass the instructor.Then we played another game that it was a race but you had to be the last one to the end of the line and then you win also if you went finished first you would lose.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Or Sour?

Today in discovery we made a sour lemon soda made of lemon juice and lemonade.
First our group got some lemons from our class garden we picked them from the lemon tree.
Once we had finished picking the lemons we started to cut them and squeeze the lemons juice into a small plastic measuring container.
After a while the lemons had all been squeezed so we went outside again to look at the garden.
Whilst out in the garden we picked some spring onions and some very small carrots.
Once we had finished we went inside to finish making the drink and clean and cut the vegetables we had picked.
When we had finished cleaning and slicing the vegetables we finished the lemon soda by taking a small spoon of lemon juice and pouring it into the lemonade.
The outcome of the drink was AMAZING most people liked it for its refreshing flavours.
Today's activities were very fun.

Making piklets and cream

As Miss Duncan walked into the room we all sat down with excitement. Then Miss Duncan prepared the recipe and the equipment on the table, she called Francis' name out for him to call out the steps and ingredients, she called out names to mix the ingredients together. Later on Miss Duncan cooked the piklets but accidentally burnt most of the piklets. While she was cooking we made whipped cream and we took turns to mix it. When it was time to eat we put the cream ontop of the delicious piklets and ate the superb piklets.


As "Miss Duncan was preparing all the recipe, we were all excited about making piklets for our morning tea. We all sat down on chairs then Miss Duncan called people to put utensils on the table. She called Francis name to call out the steps and ingredients for our picklets. She called names to mix and and do stuff to put the ingredients to make it. Mix mix mix. Then a few minutes later Miss Duncan was cooking the piklets but accidentally burnt most of the piklets, but when we tasted it and put some cream up top it was very very yummy and very very delicious. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dead Tree

The tree stood there, lifeless and still under the gloomy sky. The howling wind swayed the branches violently and the brown leaves began to fall.

Then the roaring of a chainsaw could be heard over everything in the area. The blade made contact with one of its fragile branches and it began to fall. It landed with a soft thud on the ground. The roaring of the chainsaw continued as it began to make its way through the branches. One by one, the branches began to fall.

The blade began to cut through the trunk with a loud screech. It plummeted into the earth and began to roll into the green blades of grass.

Road Patrollers Made Safe

Today the city council visited our school to cut down the bushy flaxes that was covering the view of the road patrollers from seeing all the cars down Poulson St. 
It took a long time to cut all the flaxes down before we road patrollers could finally see. Once the city council man came out last week he was quick to get this auctioned.

It is great our patrollers can see and keep the children safe again. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A day at the zones

Arrving at Hilmorton High athletic grounds, for the first time feeling nervous and scared, I was thinking this was going to be a long day. As we walked around the corner I could see the people setting up the events which looked just like our school athletics but different and bigger. All the schools sitting behide their signs. Walking across the field we reached our sign.

Setting the mat up and putting our bags down. We were waiting and watched the other schools competing until our events started. My first event was 10 year old girl sprints which was about to begin so I started walking towards the track, I was waiting for my turn, then I heard the man call my  name I got into a line, then I focused. The words he said were, "On your marks, Get set," then he quickly pressed a button and away we ran, running for a life time. Unfortunately I didn't come in a place but I still had two more chances. 

I was still looking forward to my favourite event which was Discus. But I had to wait for a while. When it was time for disucs I was feeling excited walking towards the event, but I didn't know how much competition I had. Seeing the other girls throwing one by one the line getting shorter it was nearly my turn. I started thinking about it a lot more. As the lady said my name  it was time for action. I got up to the step and swung a little and threw the discus and I surprisingly threw well the next throw I threw further but my last on I got the same mark. At the end they mesured them. Then she said who came first second and third. I'm happy to say I came 1st throwing 15.83 metres in 10 year old girls.

One more event to go which was long jump, I was getting ready, I ran up, my foot hit the mat and I jumped. I continued jumping until we finished. unfortunately I didn't get a place.

At least I won one event so I'm going to Ashburton to compete against other Canterbury schools.  I'm happy about it but scared. Spending the whole day at the zones was exciting, exhausting and was fun for the first time.

A day at Zone Athletics

I felt nervous walking to the athletics track with my school, at the same time I felt excited for my first  event. We all went to our area, we put out our tarpaulin, dropped our bags and waited for the instructor to tell us what to do between the events.

After a few minutes the instructor said " all the 11 year old boys discuss please go to the area ." that was the time for Mart's  first event. I felt excited for him to win the discuss challenge. When Mart came back he told us he came 4th at discuss. Then Mart and the rest of the people in our group rested and got ready for the next event. Then the instructor picks up her megaphone and told all the schools, "Can all the 11year old boys long jump please go to the pit."

The instructor of the long jump called all our names and we lined up in the same order. It was a big group of long jumpers. Now it was my turn to jump. The girl in the chair sitting down raised her hand up and I knew it was my turn. I ran as fast as I could, when I was on the mat I jumped in the colour red then Landed! I quickly get away from the sand, then the measuring girl said "4.56" then I said to myself " fhewfh! Then I lined up again. After the people in front of me were finished it was my turn, I ran as fast as I could, I jumped off the colour red again. The measuring girl told me it was 4.78m. Woohoo!! That jump was my longest jump ever, I even beat my longest jump at school athletics. When the lady told us to gather around, the first name I saw was Mart's name and beside Marts name he came 6th and I was shocked that the lady called my name that I am going to centrals and came 2nd in long jump. Mart and I came back to our area together then Mrs Williams said, "How did you boys go?" I told Mrs Williams I came 2nd and Mart came 6th.

Then I rested for my next event which was high jump. I rested about 1 hour and 15 minutes then it was Ezra's and my turn. Ezra and I went together in the high jump area. My highest was 1.25 meters at school athletics day. I wish I could jump higher than my best jump, but unfortunately I came 4th and 4th place doesn't go to centrals. Ezra came 5th place because he really needed to go to the toilet, that's the reason.

It was the relay teams turn to run, Lance, Charles, Rommel, and Clifford. First they were coming 2nd then we held our place but then Rommel slipped and dropped the baton and Clifford picked it up but it was supposed to be Rommel picking it up giving it to Clifford, but Clifford picked it up so the Sacred Heart relay team got disqualified.

It was time for my last event of all, sprints 100 meters. BANG!!! I ran as fast as I could. There was a kid winning as all I was coming was 2nd or 3rd, I stepped on the finished line. the lady said I came 3rd but only 1st and 2nd goes to the final. I felt disappointed in my self, but at least I tried my best and I had fun.

Mart, Clifford and I asked Mrs Williams if we could go now, Mrs Williams said "okay" so we went to Clifford's Dad. It was a very, very exhausting day for me and for all of the zone athletes.

Hope I can go back next year!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Piclit experimenting

Check out Angelo's first piclit. Follow the link below.

My Bike Baron app review

This game is a challenging addictive game and I guarantee that you will never hate this game.
When you play this game you need to try to get coins and dodge tnt. If you like hard games play Bike Baron  on extreme or hard. If you like simple play then go on the easy mode and you will love it.
You are in control of Bike Baron who moves when ever you touch the screen and you can go through fire loops and you control a speedy motor bike.
The aim of the game is to get 100% on every level while being aware of ramps.

Best bits

Falling off the bike
Fire circle
Going over ramps
Variety of tracks
Trying new levels
Speed bike
Lots of coins
Going too fast and falling off the bike
Getting excited
I rate Bike Baron 4 out of 5 because you can choose if you want it to be easy or hard. I think that BikeBaron could be a 5 out of 5 if it was online so you could verse other people.

Bike Baron app review

This app is a challenging game to play. It's super fun with the games challenges. One warning though it's very additive, just so you know! There are different levels on Bike Baron. You have to try to get all the coins and dodge the T.N.T. Plus it's action packed. The level called 'don't stop' is a very challenging track because it's an ice track. I rate bike Baron 3 out of 5 because I find the game fun and challenging but sometimes when you go over the check point it doesn't activate.

Tasting our salad

Last week we made salad with sliver beet from our garden. The ingredients for our salad were cabbage, mint, mustard and vinegar. We poured the vinegar over before we ate it. It was a bit yummy. It tasted like Vinegar and it tasted sweet.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The victory match

It was a bleak morning with the sound of the  wind roaring over the silence. As I walked on the still court I felt sudden nerves go to me. I won the toss and choose to serve point by point my confidence grew on top of  my nerves. In the end there was no point of  nerves to come back because I won
 6-0-6-0. My next match was a few hours away so I went to get some lunch. I came back just in time to hear my name called. When I stepped on the court I felt confident and only a little bit  nervous but I knew it will go away. I won the toss and chose to serve. I hit so winners and won 6-2-6-2. The day ended with a trip to Carls Jnr it was delicious! 

I went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 7:30. A new day I felt fresh but nervous. When I got to the place I played I was called. I won the toss again and I chose to  serve I won in a tough game 6-3-6-4. 2 hours later I was called I played the 3rd seeded I won the toss again and chose to serve the match was tight. In the end I won in 3 sets 6-3-3-6-6-1. 

It was the next day, I walked up the tall steps and I was on court. The weather was warm with light winds. I was on court 9. The warm up took about 5 minutes I was nervous. I won the toss and chose to serve. I won the first point with a winning shot. The first game went so fast. I was up 5-0 and lost the next 2 games. I managed to win the next game. The second set was easier I was up 4-1 and won the next 2 games. 

I was so happy and proud of myself. The prize giving was at 12:30. I had another hour left so we went to a sushi place to have lunch. I went back to the prize giving. I went up to get my trophy and my $400 travel voucher. I was surprised. After the prize giving I was picked to go on a 4 day camp in Auckland which was very hard but fun. Everyday we had to wake up at 6 o'clock and run around a track 5 times and play tennis for about 3-4 hours each day.
Me with my trophy at school!!!!


I watched the rain splash on the streets.

 It's been raining for weeks, but the grey skies still hadn't eased its crying. The town looked gloomy and emotionless under the clouds.
I moved away from the window and toward the door. On the porch, my boots were sitting there, waiting for me.
I slid them on and stomped down the slippery steps.
Large puddles caught my eye, just begging to be splashed about.
A grin crept onto my face as I stepped into the nearest pool of water. The rain was starting to soak into my scalp, but I didn't care.