Thursday, November 7, 2013

A day at Zone Athletics

I felt nervous walking to the athletics track with my school, at the same time I felt excited for my first  event. We all went to our area, we put out our tarpaulin, dropped our bags and waited for the instructor to tell us what to do between the events.

After a few minutes the instructor said " all the 11 year old boys discuss please go to the area ." that was the time for Mart's  first event. I felt excited for him to win the discuss challenge. When Mart came back he told us he came 4th at discuss. Then Mart and the rest of the people in our group rested and got ready for the next event. Then the instructor picks up her megaphone and told all the schools, "Can all the 11year old boys long jump please go to the pit."

The instructor of the long jump called all our names and we lined up in the same order. It was a big group of long jumpers. Now it was my turn to jump. The girl in the chair sitting down raised her hand up and I knew it was my turn. I ran as fast as I could, when I was on the mat I jumped in the colour red then Landed! I quickly get away from the sand, then the measuring girl said "4.56" then I said to myself " fhewfh! Then I lined up again. After the people in front of me were finished it was my turn, I ran as fast as I could, I jumped off the colour red again. The measuring girl told me it was 4.78m. Woohoo!! That jump was my longest jump ever, I even beat my longest jump at school athletics. When the lady told us to gather around, the first name I saw was Mart's name and beside Marts name he came 6th and I was shocked that the lady called my name that I am going to centrals and came 2nd in long jump. Mart and I came back to our area together then Mrs Williams said, "How did you boys go?" I told Mrs Williams I came 2nd and Mart came 6th.

Then I rested for my next event which was high jump. I rested about 1 hour and 15 minutes then it was Ezra's and my turn. Ezra and I went together in the high jump area. My highest was 1.25 meters at school athletics day. I wish I could jump higher than my best jump, but unfortunately I came 4th and 4th place doesn't go to centrals. Ezra came 5th place because he really needed to go to the toilet, that's the reason.

It was the relay teams turn to run, Lance, Charles, Rommel, and Clifford. First they were coming 2nd then we held our place but then Rommel slipped and dropped the baton and Clifford picked it up but it was supposed to be Rommel picking it up giving it to Clifford, but Clifford picked it up so the Sacred Heart relay team got disqualified.

It was time for my last event of all, sprints 100 meters. BANG!!! I ran as fast as I could. There was a kid winning as all I was coming was 2nd or 3rd, I stepped on the finished line. the lady said I came 3rd but only 1st and 2nd goes to the final. I felt disappointed in my self, but at least I tried my best and I had fun.

Mart, Clifford and I asked Mrs Williams if we could go now, Mrs Williams said "okay" so we went to Clifford's Dad. It was a very, very exhausting day for me and for all of the zone athletes.

Hope I can go back next year!!!

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  1. JM, excellent writing. I was delighted to take you to the zones and so pleased that you are keen for more.