Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another day of work

Today in room 6 the class looked at some more on the Commonwealth Games. We noticed that Australia had taken the lead from England having 73 medals in total. Our country New Zealand is coming in 6th on the medal table. In the men's section we have 5 golds, 5 silvers and 8 bronze medals. In the woman's we have 3 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze medals. In the mixed we have none there is another one but I don't know it and so we have a total of 27.

Also in R.E we have been learning about what a sacrament is and we know that it is a sign from god that people can see because we can't see god so he can send signs  that we can see.

Also in writing we wrote about the country that we researched. Some people got up to their good copy and on one side they did the flag of their country and on the other side they did their review of their country.

That's all for today join Jacob tomorrow for another report.

Roving Reporter: Finn

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Commonwealth Games

Today room 6 were  looking at the Commonwealth games medals.
When Friday 25 July 
We were looking at the Commonwealth games because  it happens every 4years.
The  Commonwealth games come every 4 years because people need to get ready for it. The Commonwealth games are special because only a few countries do the Commonwealth games .
 The Commonwealth games sports are athletics, boxing, cycling, diving, fencing, gymnastics, hockey, judo, lawn bowls, netball and a lot more.
Roving reporter Harikoa

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writing reports

Today Room 6 wrote a draft report about their Commonwealth country.

When: Wednesday 23rd July

Where: Sacred Heart School Addington

   Why:Because we were researching the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

 Who: Room 6 and Mrs Wiliams
       How: By researching the countries of the Commonwealth Games.

       Roving Reporter: Angelina

Term 3 Day 2

Today, Room 6 is engrossed in the Commonwealth Games. We have been searching for individual countries in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Games are Also called the 'Friendly Games', because of the countries' good sportsmanship. The Commonwealth games started at 1930 and it occurs every 4 years. The Commonwealth games were discontinued at 1942 and 1946 because of the World War 2. 

Our Class is making a map on the floor with laminated flash cards. The flash cards show the country and their names. It is also helping us to learn how to use a map. 

"It's amazing how many little countries we didn't know about." -Mrs. Williams

"It is really hard to find the countries, because there are many countries that you don't know of." -Phoebe

"This is fun to do, knowing where some of the countries are." -Levi

How? We laid out a few flash cards with the Commonwealth countries. And the fact that we did this quite co-operatively is a mystery. Normally we would cause a larger ruckus, yet we are working as a team. 

When? The Commonwealth start at the 24th of July 2014. 

I think everyone has taken a big opportunity to learn more about the Commonwealth Countries and The Commonwealth Games. Everyone has participated in our 'map art' and it was quite fun. 

Our class is also writing reports of the Commonwealth Countries. Everyone in our class had their share of fun and knowledge. Even if it was a cloudy, humid day, it didn't stop us from learning about the Commonwealth games.

Where? The Commonwealth games are going to be held in Glassgow. 

Who? Room 6 Of course! 

Why? To learn about the Commonwealth Games and the countries participating. 

What? The Commonwealth Games is our main topic of the day.

Thank you for taking your time, browsing the photos and reading this report.

Roving Reporter of the Day,



Monday, July 21, 2014

First Day of Term 3

On the First day of Term we have been doing a lot of things which made us very busy. When Mrs. Williams told us that we would do fun things, we were very determined to finish our work. Finally, after finishing on what we're were doing. It was time to do our moment in time writing, hearing this made us feel like not doing it (mostly me).

As we finished writing our stories Mr. Williams called out every one of the class to share their story with us, we'll of course some people didn't want to do it. At first, they seemed kind of nervous and some would say "OH!! WHAT", then people would laugh at their impressions. As they read their story, word by word, they grew somewhat confident. As they shared, they would sometimes act like they are remembering the event that happened in their lives. Their stories were Amazing!!!.The class enjoyed listening and sometimes laugh whenever it was funny or scrunch up their faces , if they hear something  disgusting!! The audience were very respectful and interested. They clapped loud and had smiles on their faces.

-The whole Class! -Nicole, Jessa Del, Phoebe, Raziel, Byron, Levi, Cydrick, Robert, Jayda, Harikoa, Athashia, Angelo, Finn, Emily, Samuel, Mia, Aimee, Callum,  Bridget, Jacob ,Tyler, Angelina, Franco , Eugene, Callum, Sharai, and Mrs. Williams.

We were sharing our moment time writing, we went to the library to pick books, we made a cover for our new topic- Sound-. 
The Basketball 7/8 Girl have a game today on 5:30pm
S.H Celtics (Us) vs. Preb Pumas

Monday, 21 July 2014
First day of Term 3

Sacred Heart School, Addington, Christchurch, New Zealand
-The library

To share on what we were doing on the holidays, and get new books to read in the classroom.

We wrote our story with lots of details and description.
Choosing either 2 or 1 books to keep in the desk.

This is the Roving Reporter from Room 6 - Nicole Uy

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Naynay's adventures

Hello Mrs Williams
The last update I posted I was in Holland and I'm sorry for not updating you for the last three weeks.
In Holland I have been staying with a family ( they were Dutch ) with another girl from New Zealand but she is originally from Uzbekistan / Russia
 her name is Valintina  and the family who I'm staying with have an older daughter who is 14 and they have an older son who is 13.
I am good friends with them.
When I first went to their house they taught  me how to bike ( the bikes with no gear and the fancy handles and seats)
Then we went to Amstelveen city and looked around the city.
The people who I stay with have their own little boat and they took me on it and I got to drive it for a little bit. On the boat I
went around a big lake and got an ice cream, it was really fun.
The families grandma lives on a house boat ( a house on / in the water ), when you go to the bottom floor the water is up to the window, you can also feel the house swaying. Holland was so beautiful.
I know some words in Dutch as well
Nee pronounced nay: means no
Ya: means yes
hood a morha: means good morning
hood: means good
 When Valintina and I go to training we would go by bike everyday. I trained with the tennis New Zealand team with Valintina and a coach who's Dutch and also another coach from New Zealand. We also had a fitness coach. Every day Valintina and I would have breakfast with the family and lunch and dinner at the place where we train. We would train  4-5 hours of training and then a hour of fitness with the fitness coach.
After two weeks of training Valintina and I moved in with the tennis New Zealand team in a house and beside the house is a tennis venue where a tournament was held. In the house was Three boys and Three girls counting Valintina and I. Another two coaches came and stayed with us as well . I only stayed there for a week and then went to Germany with my family because the other tennis New Zealand people are older and they compete in stronger age groups. 
So I went to Germany with my family to play a 12s tournament in Germany. We drove to Germany and stayed in a very nice hotel that had a under ground swimming pool and sauna.
The facilities where I play are very nice.
Now I'm in Slovakia at my Grandmas house and today I went to a out door swimming pools and played there for a while.
I had three weeks of hard training and I didn't have the time to update you.
( I have been training in Holland )​
( I have been training in Germany )

Friday, July 4, 2014


Last night Room 6 certainly were stars. The children have spent the last 8 weeks (16 hours) learning contemporary dance from Fleur.

Last night they performed their dance in front of a packed Aurora Centre and were fantastic.

I was very proud of the children and have heard lots of positive comments since about the show.

Well done to all the class, you were fantastic.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Duffy Speaker - Dr Ben Carson

Yesterday the Senior Classes went to the CBS arena to hear Dr Ben Carson speak. Duffy books in homes organised the events. We were first entertained by Moorhouse. They sang 4 songs including their new song to be released on Friday.

Dr Carson was a very motivational speaker who talked about his life, from growing up in extreme poverty to becoming an amazing neurosurgeon. He talked about saving a baby by operating on her while she was in her mothers womb.

Points we remember from the speech were:

  • Your life isn't influenced by others but by yourself.
  • If you're stuck on something in math go back to the last thing you knew and work from there. (Any subject this could  be)
  • Everyone has a good brain, you just have to choose to do great things with it.
  • Don't waste your time at school being cool.
  • Keep on learning as it is impossible to fill up your brain!
  • Don't listen to peers influence - People who Encourage Errors and React to Stupidity.
  • The cool dudes will always be flipping burgers!
  • People will want to be your friend when you are popular and famous!