Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Term 3 Day 2

Today, Room 6 is engrossed in the Commonwealth Games. We have been searching for individual countries in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Games are Also called the 'Friendly Games', because of the countries' good sportsmanship. The Commonwealth games started at 1930 and it occurs every 4 years. The Commonwealth games were discontinued at 1942 and 1946 because of the World War 2. 

Our Class is making a map on the floor with laminated flash cards. The flash cards show the country and their names. It is also helping us to learn how to use a map. 

"It's amazing how many little countries we didn't know about." -Mrs. Williams

"It is really hard to find the countries, because there are many countries that you don't know of." -Phoebe

"This is fun to do, knowing where some of the countries are." -Levi

How? We laid out a few flash cards with the Commonwealth countries. And the fact that we did this quite co-operatively is a mystery. Normally we would cause a larger ruckus, yet we are working as a team. 

When? The Commonwealth start at the 24th of July 2014. 

I think everyone has taken a big opportunity to learn more about the Commonwealth Countries and The Commonwealth Games. Everyone has participated in our 'map art' and it was quite fun. 

Our class is also writing reports of the Commonwealth Countries. Everyone in our class had their share of fun and knowledge. Even if it was a cloudy, humid day, it didn't stop us from learning about the Commonwealth games.

Where? The Commonwealth games are going to be held in Glassgow. 

Who? Room 6 Of course! 

Why? To learn about the Commonwealth Games and the countries participating. 

What? The Commonwealth Games is our main topic of the day.

Thank you for taking your time, browsing the photos and reading this report.

Roving Reporter of the Day,



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  1. Room 3 can relate to what you are doing....we had heaps of fun today learning about Glasgow and the Comm Games mascot, Clyde! Great to see you having so much fun and learning heaps about our world! Enjoy the opening ceremony!!