Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Naynay's adventures

Hello Mrs Williams
The last update I posted I was in Holland and I'm sorry for not updating you for the last three weeks.
In Holland I have been staying with a family ( they were Dutch ) with another girl from New Zealand but she is originally from Uzbekistan / Russia
 her name is Valintina  and the family who I'm staying with have an older daughter who is 14 and they have an older son who is 13.
I am good friends with them.
When I first went to their house they taught  me how to bike ( the bikes with no gear and the fancy handles and seats)
Then we went to Amstelveen city and looked around the city.
The people who I stay with have their own little boat and they took me on it and I got to drive it for a little bit. On the boat I
went around a big lake and got an ice cream, it was really fun.
The families grandma lives on a house boat ( a house on / in the water ), when you go to the bottom floor the water is up to the window, you can also feel the house swaying. Holland was so beautiful.
I know some words in Dutch as well
Nee pronounced nay: means no
Ya: means yes
hood a morha: means good morning
hood: means good
 When Valintina and I go to training we would go by bike everyday. I trained with the tennis New Zealand team with Valintina and a coach who's Dutch and also another coach from New Zealand. We also had a fitness coach. Every day Valintina and I would have breakfast with the family and lunch and dinner at the place where we train. We would train  4-5 hours of training and then a hour of fitness with the fitness coach.
After two weeks of training Valintina and I moved in with the tennis New Zealand team in a house and beside the house is a tennis venue where a tournament was held. In the house was Three boys and Three girls counting Valintina and I. Another two coaches came and stayed with us as well . I only stayed there for a week and then went to Germany with my family because the other tennis New Zealand people are older and they compete in stronger age groups. 
So I went to Germany with my family to play a 12s tournament in Germany. We drove to Germany and stayed in a very nice hotel that had a under ground swimming pool and sauna.
The facilities where I play are very nice.
Now I'm in Slovakia at my Grandmas house and today I went to a out door swimming pools and played there for a while.
I had three weeks of hard training and I didn't have the time to update you.
( I have been training in Holland )​
( I have been training in Germany )

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