Thursday, July 3, 2014

Duffy Speaker - Dr Ben Carson

Yesterday the Senior Classes went to the CBS arena to hear Dr Ben Carson speak. Duffy books in homes organised the events. We were first entertained by Moorhouse. They sang 4 songs including their new song to be released on Friday.

Dr Carson was a very motivational speaker who talked about his life, from growing up in extreme poverty to becoming an amazing neurosurgeon. He talked about saving a baby by operating on her while she was in her mothers womb.

Points we remember from the speech were:

  • Your life isn't influenced by others but by yourself.
  • If you're stuck on something in math go back to the last thing you knew and work from there. (Any subject this could  be)
  • Everyone has a good brain, you just have to choose to do great things with it.
  • Don't waste your time at school being cool.
  • Keep on learning as it is impossible to fill up your brain!
  • Don't listen to peers influence - People who Encourage Errors and React to Stupidity.
  • The cool dudes will always be flipping burgers!
  • People will want to be your friend when you are popular and famous!

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  1. Hey Room 6 these are extremely valuable points to take with you through have summed up this important speaker very well...I also found these points extremely helpful for me...thank you!