Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Memoir From Me

                                            The Basketball court was usual enough
                            There were balls scattered around, The basketball hoop standing,
                        The familiar lines on the ground, Laughter resonating through the wind 
                                                     And the sound of dribbling.

                                                  My friends and I did what kids do.
                                          We ran across the court, We shared our joy,
                                                  Gained new skills every second 
                    And memories were implanted in our heads as we shot countless hoops.
                                                       Doing Nothing Important.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The Park was usual enough.

It had a small river, a huge playground and a normal-sized basketball court

My brother, sister and I did what kids do. Play basketball, shoot hoops,

chased each other for fun and rolled on the sweet fresh grass.

Doing nothing important


The basketball court was usual enough.

It had balls, children, games, big bright smiles and laughter

My friends and I did what kids do

Play basketball, chase each other, pretend we were the coolest basketball players ever

Even get a little out of control 

Doing nothing important

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Zones: Athletics

Yesterday, the 3rd of November 2014 was when the Athletic Zones were held. 25 children from our School were chosen to represent Sacred Heart. It was decided at Hilmorton High who would go to Ashburton for the Canterbury's. It was a hot day, which makes people sweat even harder. Last year, a few people got to go to Ashburton, but this year there was an influx of talented children from Sacred Heart who were nominated to go. They got ranks varying from First place to third place. 

The first event was a Relay, in which one of our groups happily claimed First place and a trip to Ashburton to represent our zone AND Sacred Heart. 

Jasli Benevice won second place at High Jump.
Joshua Dela Cruz won second place at long jump and third place in Discus.
Mart Dosdos won second place at High Jump.
Jayda Siyakurima won first place in Discus and third place in Shot-put.
Charlotte Haughey came first in 60m Sprints and Long Jump. 
Annabel Williams claimed second place in High Jump.
Rommel Manuel claimed second place in Long Jump.
 Phoebe Premacio won second place in Long Jump.
 Madelin Robinson claimed second place in 50m sprints. 

We haven't gotten the results yet and we are not yet sure if there are any more from our school who are participating. 

Everyone who went to the Zones did a good job in representing Sacred Heart. We wish all the people heading for Ashburton good luck.