Thursday, November 7, 2013

A day at the zones

Arrving at Hilmorton High athletic grounds, for the first time feeling nervous and scared, I was thinking this was going to be a long day. As we walked around the corner I could see the people setting up the events which looked just like our school athletics but different and bigger. All the schools sitting behide their signs. Walking across the field we reached our sign.

Setting the mat up and putting our bags down. We were waiting and watched the other schools competing until our events started. My first event was 10 year old girl sprints which was about to begin so I started walking towards the track, I was waiting for my turn, then I heard the man call my  name I got into a line, then I focused. The words he said were, "On your marks, Get set," then he quickly pressed a button and away we ran, running for a life time. Unfortunately I didn't come in a place but I still had two more chances. 

I was still looking forward to my favourite event which was Discus. But I had to wait for a while. When it was time for disucs I was feeling excited walking towards the event, but I didn't know how much competition I had. Seeing the other girls throwing one by one the line getting shorter it was nearly my turn. I started thinking about it a lot more. As the lady said my name  it was time for action. I got up to the step and swung a little and threw the discus and I surprisingly threw well the next throw I threw further but my last on I got the same mark. At the end they mesured them. Then she said who came first second and third. I'm happy to say I came 1st throwing 15.83 metres in 10 year old girls.

One more event to go which was long jump, I was getting ready, I ran up, my foot hit the mat and I jumped. I continued jumping until we finished. unfortunately I didn't get a place.

At least I won one event so I'm going to Ashburton to compete against other Canterbury schools.  I'm happy about it but scared. Spending the whole day at the zones was exciting, exhausting and was fun for the first time.

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  1. Jayda, we are all so proud of what you have achieved. I'm sure you surprised yourself. Well done on a wonderful day and an excellent recount of the day. We all look forward to you participating at the Centrals