Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The trip to WillowBank

On Monday the whole school  went to WillowBank we had to wait for  30 minutes for the bus to arrive at 10 am in the morning the four additional buses. Everyone went on board and travelled to WillowBank, it was quite a long a trip everyone got tired but eventually we arrived at WillowBank. We went to the entrance and saw the manager explaining the rules so the animals won't get hurt or get scared because it is important that the animals don't die, when she finished explaining she told us to go to the picnic area to eat our morning tea. After we ate our morning tea the instructors gave the teachers the maps so we know we were going to the map the map had a guide line. When everyone set off we went back near the entrance there was a huge eel it's was like longer than Byron and Raziel. When we finished looking at the eels and fish we went past Maori houses it made me think about the Philippines because back in the old days we used to have wooden house and flax houses. After we saw all the fish, birds and eels we followed Mrs Williams to the kiwi dark house we were all very quiet so we wouldn't scare the kiwi's away the kiwi house had a tunnel so we had to follow the tunnel when we went inside the kiwi house it was really boring because it was all silent even the kiwi's couldn't make a sound when JM found the kiwi everybody huddled at JM I was shocked it was my first time seeing a kiwi I was full of excitement I wasn't bored anymore so I tried to find one and in the dark bushes I saw something moving in the bushes it was very obvious because all I know about kiwi's is they hide in very dark places. When some of my classmates went outside I followed them and waited outside the exit area of the kiwi house near the kiwi exit area there was two other habitats it was weird because I saw a kiwi wondering around its habitat I thought it was a kiwi but it's name was Wika it's very similar to the kiwi. When the detectives JM, Annabel, Francis and Mrs Williams finished looking at the kiwi house we moved along into a new habitat when we arrived at the swan and ducks habitat three ducks were fighting Ezra,  JM,  Jes Pol,  Francis and I had a bet on which duck would win the fight, it was halirious because the duck I bet on, won because it ripped the other ducks wings. When we finished eating our lunch we first went to the huge eels and

saw a lady see was very brave she was feeding the eels with a spoon it looked very dangerous to me because the eels tried to bite the old lady's hand but she was being brave when she left everyone went into the plank and touched the eels it was very huge the biggest one was 5 1/2 long it was very fun I had lots of fun after we finished seeing the eels we went back to the picnic area to pack our stuff we started walking outside to the bus to go back to school.

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