Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Little Match Girl's Christmas

It was One Sunny day but as the afternoon came it became Cloudy. As I stepped inside the Hall, I felt my heartbeat going speedy. I ignored the feeling and searched for my place. I looked at everybody, It seems like I'm not the only one getting nervous. I looked at Raziel she looked fabulous she wore green dress that reaches up to her knee, she had a white necklace was sparkling nicely and her hair was tied up in a big bun, who knew it could go up this big. Ok, onto the story. My eyes searched through the crowd the place was packed up when I looked at Adrienne she was ready too then she clapped her hands five times that meant 'SHUT UP' for us. Then Kaitlyn came up and spoke," Hello and Welcome to Sacred hearts show called 'The Match Girl's Christmas and that's when my heartbeat went a little bit more faster.

The music played. I saw my family smiling at me. I sang, my voice was a little bit pitchy, I lowered my voice little, that way I wouldn't be embarrassed. My Mum tried to make me laugh, As soon as the music stop I sat down fast  and heard the bell ring I look toward it, I saw Roche holding a bell coming to the crowd. Daniel and Lance was there too.They started talking about the play. Then room 1, 2 & 5 sang a song I saw my sister sing the song. I saw the Match Girl came up and sang with the kids. After that Violet who was dressed as the Angel sang, her voice was so nice that it was like an Angels voice.  Then the match girl  sat down. She has matches in her hand. After that Mary and Joseph did their part at the last part we sang a Christmas Song. 

Christmas is coming!!!

Christmas is coming 
The goose is getting fat 
Please put a penny in the 
Old mans hat if you haven't 
Got a ha'penny then God Bless You     



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