Friday, December 6, 2013

Canterbury champs

Getting nervous and nervous waiting for time to past I was continually checking the time over and over again as time went past I started heading towards the discus area all the girls started arriving at the area. As the lady put us in numbers up to about 35  she gave me number 20 . Every one was almost there but some were still at other events.So we decided to start as the girls began to throw I started to get a rough idea of how they were throwing it was nearly my turn many people got no throw the girl before me was getting ready to throw. My turn was up my hands started to get sweaty I grabbed a discus, I stepped in the circle, then I put my foot in the position I aimed I started to swing then I threw the discus but it wasn't very good  but I still had another throw as I walked out of the back of the circle I saw Mr McManus was watching me I got nervous again. I had to wait to throw as we were waiting the disable people came to throw and surprisingly they did pretty good.there were two girls that threw outstanding throws but I still had a chance to come in a place I was getting ready throw again as I got the discus and I was thinking this is all or nothing  I aimed and only swung two times and the discus landed very close two the girl who was coming first we were close to finishing  I was. Hoping that the other girls did bad. As the people were measuring  they wrote them down they couldn't announce  who came 1st,2nd and 3rd  because there as a girl who was still not at the event but I was coming in 2nd place the girl didn't show so I came in 2nd place throwing 21.36 metres and I was announced the first person to get a certificate for athletics at school.


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