Friday, October 31, 2014

Christchurch School's Music Festival

On Thursday the 30th of October, Sacred Heart School Choir went to the Christchurch School's Music Festival with many other schools. Before the show, we spent the whole day at the Horncastle Arena to practice all the songs before the show. On the night,after the warm up and the National Anthem, a girl and boy from Heaton Intermediate introduced the show and explained that the first few songs will be accompanied with sign language. The first songs were Somewhere over the rainbow and 75 years young. 75 years young was about the Music Festival starting in 1939 and escalating from there. After the two songs, the Jazz orchestra  played a variety of old fashioned songs.The third song was Kaiser Bill, pensive and slow. The fourth song was In Flanders Fields, commemorating the soldiers that died in   WW1. After that the schools took a break while the junior special choir got up on stage and sang their own melodies with an army bugler. The fifth song was Imagine a World, imagining that the world has no war, hunger and has all peace. The sixth song was a nice ragtime war song with actions, called Strike up the Band! We took another break while the senior special choir sang some specially practiced songs with a pianist and a bugler. Next song was a Maori reggae song E I A E and did actions. The next song after E I A E was WORLD WARS medley which included two extra songs in it which March time and Quick and lively. Then this composer named Amy Lee conducted a piece with the orchestra from other schools called the war of the worlds, based on the book called H.G. Wells.
After the Beatles John Lennon's song imagine, it was half time. Pictures of the schools participating in the festival came up on the big screen, and when Sacred Heart came up, our choir cheered the loudest. The second time our school choir picture came up, we all yelled "SACRED HEART!" the loudest and cheered our hearts out. When half time ended, the bugler went up to the stairs between Q and R and played the Last Post. Our last song was Do you hear the People Sing? from the musical and Oscar winning film,  "Les Miserable". When we sang the chorus, red flags were being waved to the beat. Since one of the flag bearers was away, Mrs. Clark took her place. It wa nice seeing Mrs. Clark on the big screen. After an encore of the last chorus, that was the end of the Christchurch Schools Music Festival 2014.

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