Thursday, March 6, 2014

My adventure

A mantis's story


Goes my sharp blades as it chops a fly in half. I grab both pieces as I munch my way through whilst rapidly slicing any other huge parts that won't fit my mouth. I let out a small burp and walked across the grassy area chopping long strands of grass. My hands felt weird as if it was bleeding, which was impossible. I tramp through a slippery bridge before a giant shadow was looming over me. I look up and I saw a millions of green gates with my compound eyes. I almost bump into one before I knew it, I was under all the gates. Some giant footsteps made the earth rumble as I scramble to my feet almost losing balance as I realised I was out of there.

I crawl up some steps but I noticed I wasn't walking side to side. I was walking STRAIGHT!! That's probably IMPOSSIBLE for me. I saw a fly and tip toed over to catch it. I stretched my arms but excruciating pain washed over me and before I knew it, I was lying down, rolling over while shouting screams of pain. 

"Hey can you hear that? It sounds like a cricket!" "No. That's just nothing. TAG! You're it." 

I got over the pain and  I just walked and walked. I was lifted of the ground and near a fly. I was on something transparent and the human clutch was off. I was looking at millions of people right now. I shrieked and my stomach grumbled. I saw a fly and crept closer to it. It flew way and I sighed.

Suddenly, what felt like waves of water, started splasing on my face and I coughed any necessary water out. More water went and slowly dropped on me, effectively pushing me downwards. A burst of air blew me to the side. My energy was gone. Gravity pulled me down and I was washed away by the water. The wind was whistling while it was blowing me away with water. 

My life slipped out and everything was cold and pitch black.

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