Monday, March 24, 2014

A studying moment

My feelings as I entered the ice glacier were tired and normal. When I was on the ground, I saw two huge walls of ice.
There was some snow, some icicles and I could see a streak of sunlight beaming down.
I took a bit of a walk around while looking and studying the ice walls and how thin it was.
The walls of ice had little puddles of very cold water. WOW!

Once I had finished studying the ice, I grabbed my hooks and climbed up, any dry ice could send me falling forty feet.
My hooks were hitting the ice hard. My gloves making sure the ice was cold and thick and I was kicking into the ice hard.
Once I had made it back to the top my friend pulled me up. 
The helicopter was waiting for us up top. My friend and I got on board and we flew back to base.

We were safe!

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