Monday, March 24, 2014


As I was climbing up the frozen stiff ice wall, my frozen feet were so cold I felt like I was going to fall, but I didn't.  I kept being brave and slowly put each foot in the snow. My hands were tired from holding the pickaxe and banging it on the stiff wall of ice.

I kept moving slowly and steadily toward the ground, putting each feet on snow. Finally I was on the ground I was amazed how dark it was. I took out my torch and started looking around the underground cave. Suddenly one thing caught my eye I saw the most beautiful thing, it was a shining blue crystal.

I was thinking to myself, has anyone been down here before? When I took out the beautiful crystal the ground suddenly moved like there was a giant coming. I ran so fast like a cheetah I fell down on the ground  and hit my head on a stone. The side of my head started bleeding. My vision got very blurry but I had hope that this terrifying moment would end.

Later on the shake stopped and the bleeding on the side of my head stopped my vision was not blurry anymore. I felt very thankful and climbed up the big stiff ice wall to safety.

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