Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The Cats show was packed with a lot of people, there were a few schools and teachers. A few students from Sacred Heart watched it too. As the Show started the lights dimmed. Cats came jumping and leaping everywhere. The orchestra started with a loud boom. Many people were surprised, their music was magnificent and very lively. They were singing so beautifully and they didn't seem nervous. They were confident and had a lot spirit. 

Everywhere people were loud clapping and cheering for them. It was a special moment for everyone who was watching. Then the Jellicle Song was sung and it was very loud and clear. During the song different kinds of cats were singing deeply and clearly. The glamour cats came their costumes was very diva like, it made people have butterflies in their stomachs.

Then Grizzabella walked through the stage. She looked very lonely, her voice was the most beautiful voice in the whole cast. She bragged about how she was used to be beautiful, but many cats didn't believe her. Judging by the tone of her voice, I believed her. Everytime she had a part to sing her expression felt lonelier. All because she was getting very old and wrinkly. Everyone crowded around Grizzebella, she felt so glad to have people like her. But she was too old and she died. In the ending all the cats that performed walked in a line and bowed to the audience. Everyone clapped and clapped until the lights came back.

I enjoyed every part and every song they sang, it was a such a great performance.

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