Monday, February 17, 2014


We all trudged amongst the playground not expecting what was going to happen. We all sat on our seats and we waited quietly. A pretty looking girl was just beside a snobby looking woman. Well, Not yet though. Their names were Isabella and Claudia. Claudia somewhat wanted to marry Isabella's father and wanted Isabella to say it to him because she was 'shy'. 

After The father and Isabella talked about it, Claudia let out an evil laugh. I quickly figured out the story.


Two girls (Which actually looks like boys...) went out and started to act like spoiled. Their names were Claudette and Claudine the Stepmother's children. It did not take us a while to know that Claudia and Isabella's Father were married. Claudette and Claudine try to get Isabella's cupcake as Claudia and Isabella's Father come in, Isabella gave the cupcake and shoved it into Claudette's face. The parents saw and put Cinderella into kitchen work. Isabella's father left the room and Isabella went to the kitchen. Claudia, Claudette and Claudine now laughed evilly. 

The story went on with Isabella having a new friend named Callum and they were both dirty and dressed in rags. It was finally the Royal Ball which Isabella really want to go to. She sighed as Claudia and Claudette tease her yet again. Claudia went in then started barking out errands to Isabella. They now called her Cinderella and Claudia demanded no one to call her Isabella any more.

Cinderella was left to sweep the floors until a person in a cloak told her. "I shall grant you a wish."
"Cinderella thought she was dreaming yet, She told her she wanted to go to the ball. The person told her what to do and Cinderella chanted to a magic tree in their backyard.

Meanwhile, at the Ball....

The sisters keep on fighting over who shall marry the 'handsome and dashing' prince. At last, Teh prince came who did not want to dance which resulted to people chasing him. Cinderella arrived in a beautiful maroon dress, a tiara and black doll shoes. The king pronounced her as 'Princess faraway' and the prince only wanted to dance with her. Before it struck midnight, She left. The prince wanted to have 3 Royal balls to capture her heart. She went to each one but at the last one, she left one of her shoes.

At the kitchen....

Cinderella kept on blabbering to Callum about the prince. The prince went to the kitchen and said "Whoever fits this shoe shall be my bride!!" Claudette and Claudine tried it and they failed. Cinderella tried it and it fit perfectly. But she said She does not want to marry him and held Callum's hands. Prince didn't want to force her so he just made her be with Callum. 

Callum and Isabella didn't stay at the Kitchen anymore and Claudia said sorry to Isabella and Claudette  and Claudine were forced to the kitchen. 

After that, the story has ended and they danced for us. People asked them questions and they said it was time for them to go. 

Willow went up to them and said "We would like to thank you for presenting this play to us. My favourite part was all of it. And we would like to show our appreciation by clapping."

Everyone clapped at them and we all left the hall.

Written by Raziel

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