Wednesday, October 30, 2013

School Athletics day

It was an extreamly hot day in Christchurch yesterday and athletics day was great. I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I was just trying to think of what I will do if I lost.  I was walking through the gate and I saw everyone sitting in straight lines, that was when I felt sick. I quickly lined up behind them ready to go. The first activity was target throw. I was not very nervous with that because it was easy but fun too. After that I went to sprints which was the most scary thing out of the lot. We finally found out who we were going to race. I was racing Mart, Jes Pol, Sam, Francis, Angelo and Ezra. I got over my nerves  and won with Sam and Ezra close behind. In the final I ran against first, second and third place but I came second because I stopped on the line and Ezra came zooming past. Next up was high jump and I failed on the first round and Ezra and Mart came first equal. After that was throw or discuss and I got two points but I was still stink and JM was first for the boys and Emma won but with Kaitlyn close behind in second. When I found out long distance was next I was so excited and I won and Ezra come second. After that we did a funny little game and it included running, hola hooping and skipping rope. Our team won three times but I think we cheated! I really enjoyed athletics this year. 

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