Thursday, October 31, 2013

Erin Simpson...AT OUR SCHOOL!!! (Kids screaming in background)

We were all pushing each other as we tried to get into a line. We all couldn't believe it! 
Erin Simpson was coming to our school! The Erin Simpson at our ordinary, everyday, not-so-modern, school!
 It was very hard to believe. We finally organised ourselves. The girls at the back, so we can have our daily gossip and the boys at the front to catch a glimpse of the famous star.

One of us (Jayda) had snuck a piece of paper and pen into her pocket. We all walked in an orderly manner...well, we tried too. As we walked into the hall, excitement was bursting from us heat radiating off a hot water bottle! 
The seats were neatly (sort of) sorted into rows and mats were put out in the front for the juniors. The class sat down and we impatiently waited for the rest of the school.

When they had all arrived, everyone was at the edge of their seats. It was a miracle we didn't fall off. The teacher tried to calm us down, but we were too excited for that. For the teachers, it was probably like trying to teach a whale how to dance on its tail like a dolphin.

We all eventually quietened down since we wanted the best first impressions for Erin (No, we didn't do that on our own, it was only because Mr McManus growled at us like a thunder cloud.)

We had our heads turned, our eyes were staring lasers at the front door. But it was just the principal...with a stranger behind her!
Erin Simpson. 
Oh. My. Gosh.

She was really here! She caused more racket than What Now did a few years ago (no offence).
The girls went bonkers (mentally) and the boys' jaws practically fell! 
Erin was wearing a long black skirt and a jacket with her blonde hair flowing behind her.

She stood at the front and talked about her job. Even if she is a TV star, she needed to read heaps! There was writing and reading, it repeats itself 5 more times before she goes on TV. Erin said that she was a horrible speller, but she's better than me!

She showed us the script she had which was supposed to go on air next Monday. Then it was time for the Duffy Books.

First went Rm 1, then 2, 5, 3, 4....and finally...the best looking class ever...Room 6. We all took turns walking up. Getting our book and...actually...t-touching her hand!!!
We got to ask a few questions. If she wasn't a tv presenter, she would be a painter. 

Well, that's it for now. Thank you for reading!

(Don't want to brag, but we got our books! That beats getting it on your arm! -laughs)

Jayda on the left and Annabel on the right. Our star in the middle.

    The fantastic photo of Rm 6! I know, we're very good looking!
    Courtney (one of the authors) getting her book.
    Annabel getting her autograph, it was chaos!


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  2. Well written Bi Ling and Courtney. It was only 'like a thunder cloud' (great use of simile) as I didn't want to be embarrassed by the school in front of one of my TV colleagues. Great photos.