Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Fire Dragon

It was another busy day in school, Natalie Dragneel went to their cloakroom and got her stuff. She studied and studied. Her school was called 'Fairy academy'. Her school was filled with heroes who have magic powers that people can rely on.

"We are having a major test for all the subjects." It was announced on the speaker phone. Her classmates said "awwwww" while she smiled. She completed the test in a mere 5 minutes with her friend Lily Redfox. The bell rang so it was lunchtime. She sat with Lily and Jane Fernandez. Gary Fullbuster sat with them, Gabriel Redfox too ( Lily's brother ). The bell rang meaning that it was lunchtime. "Sup ice king." Said Natalie to Gary while lighting her hands with flames. "Hmph. Fire girl." Said Gary while putting a fist in his palm. "Iron fist of the fire-" Natalie said while Gary said "Ice make: L-" but they both got cut of by their friend, Jane. "I'm sensing fighting here." said Jane while summoning a sword. Natalie and Gary held each other's shoulders and Gary said "We're not fighting. We're friends." "Aye!!!" Said Natalie. "Good" said Jane. They all started to eat their lunch.

Lunch was over while the others did the test. Lily and Natalie read. Jane, Gary and Gabriel was finished. Then the bell rang. She walked down apple street, and watched the news. The reporter said "A lot of people are dying from hypothermia here in Antarctica. The people here are called 'Eskimos'. The Eskimos don't know how to light a flame. We news reporters don't really bring matches anywhere we go. So, we need the help of the fire dragon." Natalie asked her parents, Natsu and Lucy if she can fly to Antarctica with her fellow companion, Sky Natalie's parents said yes.

 Sky is the daughter of Happy and Carla. Happy is Natsu's companion while Carla is Wendy's companion. Sky, Natalie's sky blue cat said "Aye!". Happy, Carla, and Sky are magical creatures called exceeds. They have wings that make them look like angels. Natalie twirled around and she saw dancing flames all over her. After she twirled, she had a fiery red dress that has burning embers spread around it. Her mask was a burning orange colour. Her pink hair was tied in burning pigtails and her hands were covered in red and orange flames. You can see her club mark which looks like a fairy with a tail, in her shoulders. She was wearing red dress shoes. All about her was fire-proof. She has magic that can make her fly and attack using flames.

Natalie said "Sky, let's go!" While Sky said "Aye!". As they reached their destination, Ambulances and helicopters were  heard all over the place. The news reporter greeted her "Good afternoon Fire dragon." And Natalie said good morning back. Natalie told Sky to fly and bring back wood. And in a mere minute, Sky came back with 5 logs and sticks in her arms. Sky put the logs down on the cold, snowy ground. Natalie rubbed her hands and flames were dancing around it. With her two hands, Natalie made a cylinder and aimed at the wood logs. She puffed up her cheeks and exclaimed "Roar of the fire dragon!" Then flames went out of her mouth and gone straight to the logs. The logs burned and Natalie said "These flames will last for eternity so you can each get a stick and bring it to your igloos. Don't worry, your igloos won't melt". They said "Thank you so much! We owe you one!" "I will now leave. Sky, let's go!" Natalie said. "Aye!!" Said Sky.

The hero and her companion went back to their hometown, Magnolia. They were greeted by Natalie's friends. The Iron dragons ( Lily and Gabriel ), Titania ( Jane ) and Blizzard ( Gary ). They have a small team. Their team name is called Team Natalie. They work at a school club named Fairy Tail. They were all wearing their hero suits. Gary said "Oi Flame Brain! Africa needs help." Natalie replied "Yeah Yeah Ice block. Let's go!" And with that, they zoomed to Africa.

To be continued...

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  1. Wow that was rly cool but why did you call it fire dragon.But I can't wait for the next part.