Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tom Gates A Tiny Bit Lucky


Last week we started a reading game called Bookopoly. Our class let out a deafening cheer and we all took turns rolling the dice.
The book I am reading  is by. L. Pichon,  A Tiny Bit Lucky Narrated by Tom Gates. It had some beguiling jokes in it and I had to refrain myself from chuckling at silent reading time. 

It's about this little boy, Tom, who was on his way to the audition for the Band Battle competition He was trying to lead his band, The Dogzombies, to Victory. But he had a Mum bugging him for new 'sensible' shoes, he had his Oh-So-Annoying Sister (Delia), he had June's cat scuttling around and Parents stopping him to watch his favourite TV show, The Crazy Fruit Bunch. There was also a School Inspector and he had caught Tom doodling with string. But, the School Inspector was also a Judge in the Band Battle. In the end, they didn't get to compete but it was still quite an experience for 12 year old children.

I think the Author has made the story quite detailed and fairly simple enough to understand. He also put enough diagrams and Illustration in the story. The Author ended it with Joe making his Mum proud by completing his Reading diary (But tom signs it). It was a good story and it had a few lessons about Luck.

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